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Youhomenergy is proud to announce that our batteries can work with Victron/Goodwe/Imeon/Solis/Lux Power/Sofar/GMDE/Growatt/Voltronic.SMA(under testing)/Deye(Under testing)
More brands will be pronounced soon.

Rack Mounted Battery series

Rack Mounted Battery

51.2V / 100Ah/200Ah / 5.12KWh/10.24KWh / LiFePO4 battery

Wall Mounted Battery

51.2V / 100Ah/200Ah / 5.12KWh/10.24KWh / LiFePO4 battery

High Voltage Stacked Battery series

High Voltage Stacked Battery

204.8V ~ 409.6V / 50Ah / 10.2KWh - 20.4KWh / LiFePO4 battery

All In One Computer Battery series

All In One Computer Battery

51.2V / 200Ah/400Ah / 10.2KWh/20.4KWh / LiFePO4 battery

Commercial Energy Storage System

Commercial Energy Storage System


Solar Street Lights series

Solar Street Lights

All in one solar street light / Split solar street light / 3000lm ~ 15000lm / IP65

Solar Garden Lights

Solar garden light RGB / Solar garden light LED / 3000lm / IP65

Solar Inverter series

Solar Inverter

Hybrid inverter / Split phase inverter / Off-grid inverter / Micro inverter / 300W ~ 10000W / IP65

Solar Panels series

Solar Panels

530W ~ 550W / 1000/1500VDC(IEC) / 25A

Solar Lighting Technology

8 Youhomenergy Core Technology, leading the intelligent future of solar lights.

Smart Integration Design

All in one design with adjustable solar panel, maximum efficiency of solar energy.

High-Luminous Efficiency LED

Use Bridgelux or Cree led chip, single led chip efficiency up to 210lm/w, the whole lamp efficiency up to 180lm/w

MPPT Solar Controller

High-efficiency intelligent power regulation & Temperature Control.

Professional Light distribution

Multiple optical designs to meet different lighting scenarios, TYPE II, III, IV, V.

High-efficiency solar panels

Use Motech solar cell, more than 19.6% transfer efficiency.

Wireless Control System

Allows all the solar street lights to wirelessly communicate by PC or APP

LiFePO4 Battery Management

Charge & Discharge efficiency up to 95-98%, more than 2000times'cycles, 15years lifespan.

Multi-control Mode Management

5 working modes for choice, one-touch remote control switches.

High tech company focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of power and energy storage battery system, solar light, micro inverter, and hybrid inverter

who we are

We are the Best Home Battery Backup Manufacturer


As a home battery backup manufacturer, Youhomenergy focuses on developing high-quality, cost-effective batteries for home energy storage, and has complete home energy storage solutions, and solar micro inverter solutions.

 Youhomenergy is among the world’s leading renewable energy solutions providers. Present in 18 countries across Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas, Youhomenergy’s energy batteries and solar lights are powering a greener tomorrow.

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We are Building
a Sustainable Future

why us

Best Energy Solutions

Focus on battery backup for home. Business equipment coverage lifepo4 battery, solar micro inverter, and hybrid inverter.

The Highest Quality

Most innovative, efficient, safe home battery backup and hybrid inverter with an integrated all-in-one design, the highest quality, and technology.

Global Expertise

A perfect blend of global experience and expertise to further our focus on technology. 

Enhanced Services

51.2V 300Ah All-in-one Stackable battery

Maintenance Services

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Greener Tomorrow
for Everyone


Sustainable development is the creed that underpins Youhomenergy’s  bespoke initiatives to protect the environment, strengthen communities and propel responsible growth.

Hybrid Energy
68 %
Solar Panels
85 %

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Youhomenergy is among the world’s leading renewable energy solutions provider.


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