Micro Inverter Solar Grid Tie 300W/350W

Youhomenergy Energy’s fifth-generation WVC series communication products adopt a waterproof streamlined design, which can better provide heat dissipation for the equipment. The built-in maximum power point tracking engine (MPPT) can better capture the changes in light, even in rainy weather, and it can capture and collect sunlight to the greatest extent. The inverter is compatible with a variety of conventional solar panels with an open circuit voltage of 22~60V, and through technical means, the panel can exert its best performance.

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Solar Micro Inverter - Youhomenergy

● 300W Micro Grid Tie Inverter

● 350W Micro Grid Tie Inverter

Youhomenergy WVC Series Micro-inverter

Higher power generation and better quality.

Can be applied to various large, medium, and small photovoltaic power plants.

Youhomenergy WVC Series Micro-inverter

Powerful power generation, efficient conversion, IoT monitoring

WVC 300/350 Micro Inverter

High-efficiency MPPT / Independent high-frequency modulation and grid connection / Cloud intelligent IoT monitoring multiple inverters stacked / Compact and portable / Easy to install

WVC 300/350 Micro Inverter

Youhomenergy Photovoltaic Intelligent Monitoring System

Through the Internet of Things platform for hardware equipment management, the module adopts 2.4GHz WiFi access mode and adopts a one-device-one-secret communication protocol, which makes our inverter communication data safer and faster.

Microchip CPU
High-speed digital processing chip more stable operationMulti-channel PWM output, large digital processing.

4-channel MPPT control
Multi-channel maximum power point tracking (MPPT) High-speed, high-precision capture of sunlightLetthe photovoltaic system generates more power and higher efficiency.

LLC power chip management
High-performance PWM controller, everything is under your control.double-ended full-bridge topology.

300 350 micro inverter

IoT Monitoring Platform

Smart mobile “core” life

a. CO-2 induced environmental analysis
b. Daily and total energy generation in kWh
c. Actual DC input voltage, current, and power

d. Actual AC output voltage, current, and power
e. Inverter temperature
f. Historical (daily, weekly, monthly) power curve

h. Power losses due to weather induced effects
i. Optional limitation of power output
j. Online switch for the inverter start stop

Cloud intelligent platform
Micro inverter mobile app

300 / 350 Micro Inverter

Streamlined design
With acid and alkali resistance and oxidation resistance, the product is more beautiful and generous, and will never fade in the outdoor environment.
a. Streamlined design
b. Acid and alkali resistance
c. Aluminum shell
d. Bright silver sandblasting
e. Oxidation treatment
f. IP65 waterproof design
g. Never fade

Micro inverter control board

IP65 waterproof design

High voltage anode treatment, acid and alkali resistance, oxidation resistance.

IP65 waterproof rating to prevent rainwater intrusionHigh pressure electrolytic oxidation surface treatment high-quality aluminum alloy shell, beautiful and generdus.

Micro inverter cell phone control

Device add interface

The clear and simple module allows users to understand at a glance and quickly complete the addition operation.

You can log in to this smart program and use it to view the system’s power generation status in real time. At the same time, various functions can be adjusted remotely at any time.


Micro inverter system connection is very simple and easy to understand. It can be installed without professionals.
It is more suitable for large or small solar systems.


PV Monitoring APP allows you anytime, anywhere
Support your power station

PV Monitoring APP allows you anytime, anywhere Support your power station

Tips: Why is the starting voltage of the grid tie inverter higher than the minimum voltage?

In photovoltaic grid-tied inverters, there is a strange parameter, that is, the input starting voltage of the solar micro inverter, which is about 30V higher than the minimum operating voltage. For example, in single-phase inverters, the MPPT operating voltage is 70V to 550V, starting voltage is 100V. Many people wonder whether the grid tie micro inverter work or not from 70V to 100V. If it is working, the inverters need 100V to start.

In fact, the reason why the starting voltage is higher than the minimum working voltage is based on the characteristics of photovoltaic modules. Before the solar inverter starts, the components do not work and are in the open circuit state. The voltage will be relatively high. When the inverter starts, the components are in the working state and the voltage will be reduced.

If the three components are connected in series, when the sun is shining in the morning, the open circuit voltage may be 90V, this time to start, may only be 60V, does not reach the working voltage, the inverter will stop working. Only when the open-circuit voltage exceeds 100V, if it starts at this time, the working voltage will exceed 70V, and the 300-watt power inverter will work all the time.

After the solar inverters start up, it does not mean that the inverter will have power output immediately. The control part of the inverters, CPU, screen, and other devices work first. First, the inverters are self-checked, then the components and power grid are detected. After no problem, the output of the inverters will only be achieved when the photovoltaic power exceeds the standby power of the 300-watt power inverter.

Micro Inverter

Series of solar micro inverters provided on Youhomenergy are small inverters with rated power 300 watt – 2000 watt, converting 24 volt/ 48 volt DC power from the solar panel to 120 volt/ 230 volt AC power and are attached to each panel in a solar system. IP65 waterproof design can effectively prevent rainwater on surface erosion. Built-in high-performance MPPT function, better able to track changes in the solar luminosity and control the different output power, effectively capturing and collecting sunlight.

Solar Micro Grid Tie Inverter 300W Parameter

Solar Micro Grid Tie Inverter 350W Parameter

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