All-in-one Computer Energy Storage Battery (10.24Kwh & 20.48Kwh)

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China Manufacturer Wholesale LiFePO4  Battery. All in one ups battery backup at home, high-cost performance, welcome to inquire.

If the energy transition is to succeed, we need a better home battery backup system for renewable energy.

Size Of Energy Storage Battery


Product Description

  • Pure sine wave output.
  • Self-consumption and Feedback to the Grid.
  • Programmable supply priority for PV, battery, or Grid.
  • User-adjustable battery charging current
  • Programmable multiple operation modes: Grid-tie. off-grid and grid-tie with backup.
  • Multiple communication for USB, RS232, Modbus, SNMP, GPRS, and Wi-Fi.
  • Monitoring software for real-time status display and control.
  • Enhance AC / Solar charger to 60A.
  • Scalable Li-lon battery expansion.
  • LiFeP04 battery life cycle: 5000 cycles at 25.
  • High surge discharging current up to 3C.
  • IP20.

Detail of battery

What distinguishes us from other lifepo4 battery suppliers are:

1. 20.48KWH, 10.24KWH 48V standard choice.

2. High-quality BMS (Battery Management System): We use Multifunctional BMS with built-in IC compatible with military standards for over-current, over-discharge, over-charge, short-circuit, adverse-polarity connection, and balancing functions.

And the MOSFET and IC, the most important parts of BMS, are all quality brands. BMS with protocol RS485 and Can communication are available.

3. Automatic Welding, quality assembly materials, and exquisite workmanship: the battery packs are spot welded by an automatic welder (please check attached pictures) for high accuracy and minimized energy consumption, and all the welding materials including nickel tabs and wires can resist high current; our worked are trained for skills and expertise.

4. Strict QC standards: we have strict QC procedures and standards to keep the failure rates under 0.2%.

Why ishome battery backup system so important for photovoltaic power generation?

Photovoltaic technology is essential for the energy turnaround in the private and commercial sectors. Generating electricity from sunlight is now a proven and efficient technology that is reasonably available in our latitudes.

Many homeowners are already planning to use modern solar systems and lithium battery storage systems in their new buildings, while others are considering retrofitting. In any case, it takes a flexible and efficient solar home battery system to handle electricity that you don’t immediately consume or feed into the grid.

For years, high feed-in tariffs often made it more worthwhile to deliver power to the public grid than to consume it yourself. In the meantime, that has changed. Lower feed-in tariffs have made the concept less and less worthwhile.

At the same time, of course, we need power when there is no sun. Without a home battery backup system, homeowners would have to buy additional power at night or during bad weather, depending on their own power needs. However, traditional lead-based battery storage systems have major drawbacks in terms of capacity, efficiency, and longevity.

Detail of battery

Youhomenrgy lifepo4 battery manufacturer scores with modern lithium-ion storage technology

Youhomenrgy from China offers a sustainable alternative with a high-quality stationary energy storage system and inverter combined into one that can significantly improve the efficiency of PV systems. The company has proven this time and again, with a design that not only reduces the complications of matching home energy storage systems to well-known inverters on the market but likewise reduces the losses that occur during solar energy conversion.

At the same time, these systems are suitable for both private homes and commercial applications – which adds to the overall energy transition benefits.

By the way: The technology for the entire solar home battery system comes from Youhomenrgy in China, and the inverters are also manufactured by the Chinese brand – Voltronic Power.

Environmentally friendly residential battery storage system

Youhomenergy pays special attention to the environmental friendliness of its residential battery storage system: the company uses a state-of-the-art storage system based on intrinsically safe lithium iron phosphate chemistry, instead of traditional lead batteries. This means that Youhomenrgy can completely eliminate the use of problematic heavy metals. In addition, this environmentally friendly technology is even more efficient and durable than traditional lead-based storage systems.

Advantages of Youhomenrgy ‘s prediction-based charging system

In addition to lower feed-in tariffs, the so-called active power limit plays an important role in photovoltaic power generation. Whereas in the past, operators could feed solar power into the public grid at any time, lawmakers have now imposed limits on active power input.

This means that you are only allowed to feed a certain percentage of your system’s installed capacity into the grid. The Renewable Energy Act (EEG) sets the maximum active power feed-in at 70%. This value can even be reduced to 50% if you want to take advantage of certain subsidy programs for your solar system.

The inverter of your PV system can regulate the feed-in power. Modern solar systems use intelligent energy management for automatic limiting. Conversely, this affects the charging strategy of the electricity storage system. The aim is to put as little strain as possible on the public grid, neither through excessive power demand nor through excessive feeder loads.

So far, many operators of solar systems have adopted a simple charging strategy and charged their home power storage units to full capacity as quickly as possible. However, this means that you can no longer store any power temporarily during peak generation periods.

Therefore, Youhomenrgy has developed a battery inverter that supports a prediction-based charging procedure. Here, the inverter can use yield and consumption predictions to determine when charging the battery will result in the greatest yield.

All in one Energy Storage Battery

What makes Youhomenrgy ‘s battery backup for home so interesting to end users?

The components of the ups battery backup are matched to each other, the better. However, it is often the case that the most important components do not come from the same manufacturer. This is true even if you buy an entire solar system from one supplier.

BSLBATT Power has recognized the potential for frequent waste due to mismatched components. Therefore, the experts at this China-based company focus on providing innovative solutions for inverters and residential battery storage that are perfectly coordinated with each other. For operators of solar systems, this means better efficiency, higher yields, and particularly high reliability in daily operation.

Technical Specifications-All-in-one Computer Energy Storage Battery
Technical Specifications-All-in-one Computer Energy Storage Battery
Maximum PV Input Power 6500W 8000W
Rated Output Power 5500W 8000W
Maximum Charging Power 2800W
Nominal DC Voltage / Maximum DC Voltage 360 VDC / 500 VDC
Start-Up Voltage / Initial Feeding Voltage 116 VDC / 150 VDC
MPP Voltage Range 120 VDC~450 VDC
Number of MPP Trackers / Maximum Input Current 2/2 x13A
Nominal Output Voltage 208 / 220 / 230 / 240 VAC
Output Voltage Range 184-264.5 VAC*
Maximum Output Current 23.9 A*
Maximum Conversion Efficiency (DC / AC) 96%
European Efficiency @ V nominal 95%
AC Start-Up Voltage / Auto Restart Voltage 120-140VAC / 180VAC
Acceptable Input Voltage Range 170-280 VAC
Maximum AC Input Current 40A
Nominal Output Voltage 208 / 220 / 230 / 240 VAC
Efficiency (DC to AC) 93%
Nominal DC Voltage 51.2 VDC
Battery Capacity 200Ah 400Ah
Maximum Charging Current 100A 200A
Dimension(D*W*H)mm 214*621*500mm (Cell)
Net Weight(Kg) 103 206
Energy 10.24KWh 20.48KWh
Nominal Voltage 51.2 VDC
Full Charge Voltage(FC) 56V
Full Discharge Voltage(FD) 45V
Maximum Continuous Discharging Current 100 A 200 A
Maximum Discharging Current 120 A at 1 min 240 A at 1 min
Protection BMS, Breaker
Standard Charge Method 0.2 C CC (Constant current) charge to FC, CV (Constant voltage FC)charge till charge current declines to < 0.05 C
Inner Resistance <20 m Ohm

Wholesale lifepo4 battery

As the best battery storage manufacturer, Youhomenergy offers the best price. So that our dealers have a fat profit, our customers can enjoy the best products.

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