All-in-one Stackable Battery ESS (EU) 51.2V 200Ah~600Ah

Youhomenergy All-in-one Stackable ESS (EU) LiFePo4 Battery System UPS Solar Backup System

  • Battery Type: Lithium iron phosphate battery
  • Model No: YL-ESSD-10K-200L1C-EU / YL-ESSD-15K(20K)-300L2C-EU / YL-ESSD-25K(30K)-300L3C-EU
  • Rated Voltage: 51.2V/ 200Ah; 51.2V/ 300Ah, 51.2V/ 400Ah; 51.2V/ 500Ah, 51.2V/ 600Ah
  • Application: Smart Household Energy Storage; Solar Backup Battery
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Youhomenergy All-in-one Stackable Battery Energy Storage System (EU)

All-in-one stackable battery energy storage system manufacturer solar lithium iron phosphate battery.

Built-in 6kW inverter.

Easy installation and maintenance.

Model No:

● YL-ESSD-10K-200L1C-EU

    51.2V/ 200Ah

● YL-ESSD-15K(20K)-300L2C-EU

    51.2V/ 300Ah, 51.2V/ 400Ah

● YL-ESSD-25K(30K)-300L3C-EU

    51.2V/ 500Ah, 51.2V/ 600Ah

All-in-one stackable battery manufacturer energy storage system solar backup battery

Smart Household Energy Storage All-In-One Stackable Battery System Product Features

A. LiFePO4 battery module, Single module is 51.2V 100Ah.

B. 1 to 3 layers recommended.

C. Cobalt Free Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) Battery: Maximum safety, life cycle, and power.

D. Applicable on grid or hybrid on and off-grid solar energy storage systems.

E. Self-Consumption optimization for residential and commercial applications.

F. Modular design simplifies transport and installation.

Application Scenario

Villa hybrid energy storage system


Communication Base Station integrated battery

Communication Base Station

Nomadic Area lithium iron phosphate battery

Nomadic Area





Field Power Supply hybrid energy storage system lithium iron phosphate battery

Field Power Supply

All-in-one battery system manufacturer

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A stackable battery all-in-one system combines multiple energy storage technologies into a single system to optimize energy storage and management capabilities. It is designed to overcome the limitations of individual energy storage technologies and provide a more efficient and reliable energy storage solution.

The system typically consists of two or more energy storage technologies, such as batteries, supercapacitors, and flywheels, integrated with power electronics and control systems. Each technology has its own strengths and weaknesses, and by combining them, the system can leverage the advantages of each technology to enhance overall performance.

The hybrid integrated system finds applications in various sectors, including renewable energy integration, electric vehicles, grid stabilization, and off-grid power systems. It offers benefits such as improved energy efficiency, enhanced power quality, increased system reliability, and longer lifespan compared to standalone energy storage technologies.

Represents an advanced and versatile solution for efficient energy storage and management, enabling a more sustainable and reliable energy infrastructure.

Youhomenergy battery supplier provides solutions for your solar all-in-one stackable ESS (EU) energy storage.

solar all-in-one stackable energy storage (EU) lithium iron phosphate battery manufacturer

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All-in-one stackable battery energy storage system EU parameter

Technical Specification YL-ESSD-10K-200L1C-EU
Number of layers 1 layers
2 layers
3 layers
Model 51.2V/200Ah
Energy 10.24KWh
Operating Voltage Range 43.2V~56.16V
Cell technology Lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO4)
Life cycle 6000 times @80%DOD
Max. charge/discharge current 120A
MAX PV Power 9000W
MAX PV Voltage 550V
Max input current (input A/input B)(A) 15/15
Max short current (input A/input B)(A) 20/20
Start operating voltage 90V
MPPT voltage range (V) 70-520
No.of MPPT trackers 2
String per MPP tracker 3
Nominal AC output power 6000W
Max. AC output apparent power 6000VA
Max.AC output power (PF=1) 6000W
Max. AC output current 27.2
Rated AC voltage 220V
AC voltage range (V) 150-300 (adjustable)
Rated grid frequency (Hz) 50/60
AC frequency range (Hz) 45-55/55-65 (adjustable)
Grid connecion single phase
Power factor ˃0.99 @rated power (adjustable 0.8 LG - 0.8 LD)
THDI <3%
Nominal output voltage 230V
Nominal output frequency (Hz) 50/60
Nominal output power 6000W
Nominal output current 260A
Transfer time (ms) 10(typ) / 20(max)
THDV THDV <3% @100% R Load
General Data
Max. operation altitude 4000m
Noise emission (dB) <35
Operating temperature range -25°C~60°C
Relative humidity (%) 0~100
Cooling concept Natural Cooling
Mounting Wall bracket
Communication Modbus, RS485, WIFI, 4G
Certification IEC62109-1&2, IEC62040-1, IEC62477-1

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