Low-voltage North American Hybrid Inverter 110V/220V Split Phase 48 Voltage 5KW/6KW/8KW/10KW

Youhomenergy Energy 48 Voltage 5K/6K/8K/10K low-voltage North American Hybrid Inverter can be widely used in various home storage application environments. Combined with a smart display, it makes operation and maintenance easier.

  • Battery Type: Hybrid Inverter
  • Model No: YL-R5KLNA/ YL-R6KLNA / YL-R8KLNA/ YL-R10KLNABattery Voltage Range: 40~58V
  • Communication Interface: CAN/RS485
  • Application: Home ESS, Solar ESS, Solar backup system
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Solar hybrid inverter low-voltage split phase 48 Voltage

Low-voltage North American ESS Hybrid inverter

5kW / 6kW / 8kW / 10kW

● 48V Hybrid Inverter
◆ 120V/240V AC Voltage
● Wall mounted
◆ U1741 Certificate

Low-voltage North American ESS Hybrid inverter

Hybrid solar inverter product features

Safe & Reliable
◆ Passed UL 1741:2021, 1EEE 1547.1, UL1699B, South Africa NRS097-2-1:2017 test certification;

Friendly & Flexible
◆ Support multi-machine parallel connection;
● Support multi-machine parallel mode sharing a battery pack; Single-machine load capacity 100A;

Economical & Efficient
◆ Support parallel SOC equalization control and parallel current sharing control;
● Using split-phase topology and eliminating the transformers, to make the system efficiency higher;
◆ Support the diesel generator and the grid access at the same time.

A solar inverter is a device that converts the direct current output from solar photovoltaic panels into alternating current.

1. Types of solar inverters: Solar inverters can be divided into pure sine wave inverters and modified sine wave inverters.  Pure sine wave inverters have a more stable output current and can ensure the normal use of lamps.

2. Power of solar inverters: The power of solar inverters varies according to specific situations.  Generally, high-power solar inverters are better suited for large solar power arrays, while small solar inverters are suitable for outdoor transportation, tourism, and other occasions.

3. Protection of solar inverters: Solar inverters have comprehensive protection measures such as overvoltage protection, under voltage protection, overcurrent protection, overheat protection, and lightning protection, electrostatic protection, and fault protection.

4. Interface types of solar inverters: The common interface types of solar inverters include USB, 485, RS232, etc., which are used for data transmission or remote monitoring.

Youhomenergy hybrid low voltage inverter whole solution flow chart

Application scenario of solar hybrid inverter

solar inverter Villa


solar inverter Household


Communication base station

solar inverter Nomadic arae

Nomadic arae

solar inverter farm


solar inverter Construction site

Construction site


Solar hybrid inverter low-voltage split phase parameter

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