Commercial Energy Storage System Solution 60kWh 100kWh 200kWh

Youhomenergy Commercial Energy Storage System Solution LiFePO4 Battery Backup UPS Solar Cell

  • Battery Type: Commercial Energy Storage System
  • Model No: YL-ESS-60K-102A12-JZ / YL-ESS-100K-100A10-JZ / YL-ESS-200K-280A14-JZ
  • Rated Voltage: 51.2V/102Ah; 102.4V/100Ah; 51.2V/280Ah
  • Rated energy: 5.22KWh*12 / 10.24KWh*10 / 14.336KWh*14
  • Inverter: 30kW / 50kW / 100kW
  • Application: Commercial energy storage system, Commercial UPS system, Commercial backup battery system
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Commercial Energy Storage System

Youhomenergy commercial energy storage system solution, LiFePO4 battery backup supplier.

PV 240kWp ESS
Lithium iron phosphate battery 60kWh/100kWh/200kWh Solution


1. Rated Voltage: 51.2V
2. Rated capacity: 102Ah
3. Rated energy: 5.22KWh*12
4. Inverter: 30kW


1. Rated Voltage: 102.4V
2. Rated capacity: 100Ah
3. Rated energy: 10.24KWh*10
4. Inverter: 50kW


1. Rated Voltage: 51.2V
2. Rated capacity: 280Ah
3. Rated energy: 14.336KWh*14
4. Inverter: 100kW

Commercial energy storage system display.

commercial energy storage system LiFePO4 battery
Commercial Energy Storage System LiFePO4 battery Youhomenergy
commercial energy storage system LiFePO4 battery 33

System Overview

Scope of application and scenarios

This scheme is applicable to the distribution system composed of photovoltaic, energy storage, power load, and power grid.

The application of the system in the power grid mainly includes the following scenarios:

Peak shaving and valley filling:

By charging and storing energy at valley time and discharging energy at peak time, the electricity cost of customers can be reduced and the electrical charge at the power consumption end can be saved for customers.

youhomenergy commercial energy storage system
Schematic diagram of peak shaving and valley filling
Demand response
Demand response diagram

Demand response:

when the short-term power consumption is greater than the transformer capacity, the energy storage system will discharge rapidly to meet the load power demand.

Dynamic capacity increase:

Energy storage equipment is used to replace the capacity of the transformer in the peak period to help customers reduce and reduce the expansion cycle and cost of transformer investment.

Schematic diagram of dynamic capacity increase
Off-grid standby power supply

Off-grid standby power supply:

When the power supply of the power grid is interrupted, provide uninterrupted short-term power supply for important loads to reduce the economic losses caused by sudden power failure of loads.

Lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4 battery).

Commercial energy storage system Youhomenergy

System Scheme

System overall design

The system is composed of 1 outdoor energy storage cabinet/container, including 1 set of energy storage battery, BMS system, integrated optical storage machine, lighting, air conditioning, fire fighting, power distribution access photovoltaic modules, supports, lightning protection combiner box, and other main components.

The Photovoltaic power generation gives priority to the user’s load to realize economic operation to the maximum extent, and excess energy is stored in the daytime; When the photovoltaic power generation does not meet the load use, the load is powered by photovoltaic + energy storage;lf the photovoltaic + energy storage does not fully meet the use of the load, it will be introduced by the mains to provide reliable power supply for the load;

When the photovoltaic power generation is redundant and the energy storage battery is full, the anti-reverse current function is enabled, and the photovoltaic surplus power is not connected to the grid.

The system adopts an integrated solution. lt monitors and schedules the energy of the whole system through EMS, and supports the simultaneous access of photovoltaic, battery, load, and power grid. The whole system is flexible and reliable and is less affected by external environmental factors. The access of the optical and storage systems will reduce the expenditure of power costs for users and improve the power supply stability of the system. The electrical topology of the whole system is as follows:

Topology diagram of energy storage system
Topology diagram of energy storage system solution

Battery system BMS configuration

According to the capacity of the battery system, BMS (LiFePO4 battery management system), i.e. battery management system, is selected to improve the use safety and prolong the service life of the energy storage battery pack through a comprehensive and efficient battery management strategy. The battery management system usually adopts a three-level architecture, which is mainly composed of the master control unit (BAU), the master control unit (BCU), the slave control unit (BMU), and the corresponding harness. The schematic diagram of the BMS system topology is as follows:

Battery system BMS configuration LiFePO4 battery
Schematic diagram of energy storage system solution topology

Air conditioning system configuration

According to the calorific value parameters of the selected LiFePO4 battery and the battery capacity of the system, select 1 set of 3 KW wall mounted industrial air conditioners. The main working principle is as follows. When the air conditioner works, the low-pressure steam of the refrigerant in the refrigeration system is sucked by the compressor and compressed into high-pressure steam, and then discharged to the condenser. At the same time, the air sucked by the fan outside the cabinet flows through the condenser to take away the heat released by the refrigerant and condense the high-pressure refrigerant steam into a high-pressure liquid. After passing through the throttling device, the high-pressure liquid is injected into the evaporator and evaporated under the corresponding low pressure to absorb the surrounding heat. At the same time, the fan in the cabinet makes the air continuously heat exchange through the fins of the evaporator, and sends the air cooled after heat release to the cabinet. In this way, the air in the cabinet circulates continuously to reduce the temperature.

Air conditioning system configuration
Schematic diagram of air conditioning

Fire protection system configuration

Considering the unattended automatic operation of the system, a fully automatic heptafluoropropane fire extinguishing device is used in the lithium iron phosphate battery box. The system is composed of a fire-extinguishing steel cylinder, agent, and fire detection pipe. When the system detects that the ambient temperature reaches the preset value, it will automatically spray and extinguish the fire, and start the fire alarm device at the same time.

Schematic diagram of fire protection system LiFePO4 battery
Schematic diagram of fire protection system

Commercial Energy Storage System Solution 60kWh 100kWh 200kWh parameter

Model YL-ESS-60K-102A12-JZ
Electrical Parameters
Cell 3.2V/102Ah
Composition of PACK 1P16S
Battery capacity 5.2224KWh
Available capacity 4.7KWh
Depth of discharge 90%
Rated voltage 51.2V
Working voltage range 44.8~58.4V
Internal resistance ≤24mΩ
Cycle life ≥3000(70% capacity retention;25℃,0.5C charge 3.65V,cut-off current 5A;0.5C discharge to 2.5V)
≥4000(25±2℃,0.5C/0.5C, remaining capacity≥164.8KWh, 3%~98%SOC)
≥6000(25+2C, 0.5C/0.5C,100%DOD, remaining capacity≥224Ah)
Operating Mode
Maximum charging current 51A(0.5C)
Maximum discharge current 51A(0.5C)
Rated charge and discharge rate 0.33C
Range of working temperature 0~55℃
Working humidity 15%~85%
Other Parameters
Battery type Lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO4)
Dimension(W*L*H)mm 468*550*160mm
Weight 51㎏
IP rating IP20
Warranty 5 years
Battery Management System
Number of layers 10 layers
7 layers
7 layers
Rack Dimension(W*L*H)mm 543*700*2100mm
PACK connection method 8~17
Recommended capacity 41.7792Kwh/47.0016Kwh/52.224Kwh/57.4464Kwh/62.6688Kwh/67.8912Kwh/73.1136Kwh/78.336Kwh/83.5584Kwh/88.7808Kwh
Energy consumption <2W(working); <100mW(sleep)
Monitoring parameters Cell voltage, temperature, system voltage, current
Control method Compatible with CAN and Rs485
BMS power supply mode AC220V, external power supply

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