10kWh 51.2V 200Ah Rack mounted energy storage systems

Youhomenergy Energy Lifepo4 Cell 51.2V 200Ah Telecom Rack-Mounted Lithium Ion Phosphate Battery 10Kwh Home Solar Energy System Lithium Battery

  • Battery Type: Lithium ion phosphate Battery
  • Model No: YL-ES-R10
  • Rated Voltage: 51.2V/ 200Ah
  • Size (mm) / Size (inch) L*W*H: 483*680*178mm/ 19.02″x26.77″x7.01″
  • Weight: 96kg/ 212 Ibs
  • Application: Solar off grid backup system, Solar Hybrid inverter UPS, Telecom UPS
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Rack mount LiFePo4 solar battery 51.2V 200AH 10.24kWh

High Cabinet Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Pack Telecom/Solar Battery Energy Storage System/Electricity/UPS

Rack mounted energy storage systems

Battery adopts the latest HESS battery system

With rich experience and advanced techniques, the product has the features of a fashionable design, high energy, high power density, and long service life.

Easiness of installation and expansion, all of which reflect the real requirements of the end users and the strongest technical capability of our company.

Rack mount solar battery energy storage advantage

● Intelligent
Each battery with independent BMS system.
● Perfect Compatiblity
Compatible with most of the available Hybrid inverters / LiFeP04 Battery.
● Easy to install and use
Just plug and play to minimize the installation time.
● Long life and safety
Ensures more than 6000 cycles with 80% DoD.
● Safe
Safe Lithium iron phosphate battery cells.
● Modular Design
19″standard cabinet installation with eight 51.2V 200Ah battery modules.
● Real-time Monitoring
LCD display screen to check the battery status easily. Centralized monitoring to bring convenient maintenance.
● Smart Management System
1CBMS+8BMU. The unit BMU collects battery parameters, including voltage, current, capacity, temperature, etc.
● Longer Service Life
The deeper depth of discharge without decreasing battery performance.
● Wide Application
Design for telecommunication room, internet data center(IDC), UPS, and other areas as an ideal backup power supply.

CombinedInto more capacity or high voltage batteries

10kWh 51.2V 200Ah Rack mounted energy storage

Applicable To 3U Racks On The Market

Can be applied to the common market 3U racks

Remote OTA Function

Support remote update program and APP monitoring.

6000 Cycles,20 years of design life

Our batteries have a design life of more than 20 years, and we provide a 5 or 10 years warranty.

Change of energy storage battery

Grade A Battery

LiFePO4 battery use Grade A Cells, 6000 cycles with higher energy density, more stable performance, and greater power.

Grade A Battery LiFePO4 battery

Schematic Diagram Of Solution

Schematic Diagram Of Solution

Rack mount LiFePo4 solar battery energy storage 10kWh 51.2V 200Ah parameter

Model YL-ES-R10
Rated Voltage 51.2V
Rated Capacity 200Ah
Rated Energy 10.24KWh
Internal Rasistance ≤30mΩ
Cycle Life ≥5000 cycles @80% DOD, 25℃, 0.5C
≥4000 cycles @80% DOD, 40℃, 0.5C
Desigh Life ≥5 years
Charge Cut-off Voltage 57.0V ± 0.5V
Max Continuons Work Current 100A
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 45.0V ± 0.2V
Charge Temperature 0°C~60℃ (Under 0℃ extra heating mechanism)
Discharge Temperature -20℃~60℃ (Under 0℃ Work with reduced capacity)
Storage Temperature -40℃~55℃ @60% ± 25% relative humidity
Dimensions 483*680*178mm
Weight 96kg
Protocol (optional) RS232-PC, RS485(B)-PC
RS485(A)-Inverter, Canbus-Inverter

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