530-550W Photovoltaic Panel Monocrystalline Solar Module Solar Panel (single glass)

Youhomenergy Energy’s fifth-generation WVC series communication products adopt a waterproof streamlined design, which can better provide heat dissipation for the equipment. The built-in maximum power point tracking engine (MPPT) can better capture the changes in light, even in rainy weather, and it can capture and collect sunlight to the greatest extent.

The inverter is compatible with a variety of conventional solar panels with an open circuit voltage of 22~60V, and through technical means, the panel can exert its best performance.

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Single crystal silicon solar panels are used to charge backup batteries for energy storage

530-550 Watts solar panels

Monocrystalline silicon single-sided solar modules.


0~+3% positive tolerance

● IEC61215(2016)
● IEC61730(2016)
● ISO9001:2015:Quality Management System

Youhomenergy solar panels 530-550W

Youhomenergy solar panel component characteristics

● Multi main grid technology
Better light utilization and current collection capacity, effectively improving the reliability of product output.
● Better resistance to hot spots
By optimizing the circuit design and working current, better temperature rate and hot spot ability can be obtained.
● Anti PID guarantee
Through the optimization of battery production technology and material control, the attenuation probability caused by PID image is minimized.
● Adaptability to the harsh environment
The third-party has passed the high salt spray and high ammonia corrosion test.
● Load capacity
The whole assembly has passed the certification of 2400pa wind load and 5400pasnowload.
● Authentication

In solar energy storage systems, lifepo4 batteries and solar panels are inseparable. Let’s look at other things about solar panels.

Structural parameters of solar panels

Cell type: P-type monocrystalline silicon cell
Number of half cells: 144(6×24)
Component size: 2285x1134x35㎜
Component weight: 28kg
Upper surface glass material: 3.2㎜, high permeability coating toughened glass toughened
Frame: Anodized aluminum alloy
Junction box: Protection grade lp68
Output wire: TUV 1×4.0㎜² Conductor length:(+): 400㎜,(-): 200㎜

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Solar panel assembly drawing

Solar panel assembly drawing


Current voltage and power voltage curve(540W)

solar panel voltage

Isc, Voc, Pmax Temperature curve of

solar panel cell temperature

Packaging standard for solar panels

Transportation and loading volume of the flat car (model: high and low plate – the total length of the car is 17.5m, and the length of the high plate is 3.5-4.5m).

Size of each bracket (mm) two thousand three hundred and four x one thousand one hundred and twenty x one thousand two hundred and forty-nine 31 yuan/Trust, 30 Torr/vehicle, 930 yuan /vehicle.

Solar panel industry leading linear warranty

● 12 Annual material and process warranty.
● 25 Annual linear warranty.
● Excellent warranty commitment 25-year power warranty with 0.55% linear power attenuation.

Solar panel industry leading linear warranty

Made in China. Solar panel energy storage batteries are widely used and green charging methods are worth having. So, contact us.

Solar panel electrical performance parameters

Component Model 530M-72HL4; 530M-72HL4-V
535M-72HL4; 535M-72HL4-V
540M-72HL4; 540M-72HL4-V
545M-72HL4; 545M-72HL4-V
550M-72HL4; 550M-72HL4-V
Maximum power(Pmax)
Optimum working voltage(Vmp) 40.56V; 37.84V
40.63V; 37.91V
40.70V; 38.08V
40.80V; 38.25V
40.90V; 38.42V
Optimum working current(Imp) 13.07A; 10.42A
13.17A; 10.50A
13.27A; 10.55A
13.36A; 10.60A
13.45A; 10.65A
Open circuit voltage(Voc) 49.26V; 46.50V
49.34V; 46.57V
49.42V; 46.65V
49.52V; 46.74V
49.62V; 46.84V
Short-circuit current(Isc) 13.71A; 11.07A
13.79A; 11.14A
13.85A; 11.19A
13.94A; 11.26A
14.03A; 11.33A
Component efficiency(%) 20.55%
Operating temperature range(℃) -40℃~+85℃
Maximum system voltage 1000/1500VDC(IEC)
Maximum rated fuse current 25A
Output power tolerance 0~+3%
Temperature Coefficient of Maximum Power(Pmax) Open Circuit -0.35%/℃
Temperature Coefficient of Voltage(Voc) Short Circuit -0.28%/℃
Temperature coefficient of flow(Isc) 0.048%/℃
Temperature(NOCT) 45±2℃
STC: Lightintensity 1000W/m²; Battery temperature 25℃; Air mass = 1.5
NOCT: Lightintensity 800W/m²; Battery temperature 20℃; Air mass = 1.5; Wind speed 1m/s
* Power measurement error +/-3%

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