100W Solar Panel Street Light 10000LM

H series IP65 Waterproof Outdoor Security All in one LED Solar Street Light, environmental friendly, Lifepo4 lithium Batteries with overcharge and over discharge protection, more safe and reliable,Wholesale Renew Energy All In One Integrated 100w Solar Led Street Light.

  • Type: All In One Solar Street Light
  • Model No: YL-SSL-H-100
  • Lumen: 10000lm
  • Batteries: LiFePO4 battery 12.8V,54Ah ,691.2Wh
  • Solar Panel: 18.2V/90W High-efficiency monocrystalline silicon
  • Size (mm) / Size (inch) L*W*H: 1570*396*93mm/ 61.81″x15.67″x10.55″
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Youhomenergy, as the 100 watt solar street light supplier specializes in manufacturing and supplying commercial solar lights. Youhomenergy all in one solar street light will certainly help you to face the Sky-high electricity prices.

The Common Applications of all in one solar street light

Youhomenergy focuses on developing and manufacturing customized outdoor solar LED lighting systems for a wide range of lighting applications.

Highway & Roadways

Integrated solar street lamp promotes safety for drivers as their illuminance is greater than traditional street lights. You can install them effectively on main roads, highways, rural roads, and roadways. Installation is very easy and the price per street light unit is cheaper than other brands.

Site Perimeter

Where solar street lights can be optimally used can be around site perimeters. These areas require a strong source of lighting such as those surrounding buildings, industrial areas, factories, manufacturing plants, and power station perimeters as they usually operate 24 hours a day.

Schools and Universities

Automatic solar lights can also be installed along campuses, schools, universities, and colleges. Areas surrounding these premises are filled with young people as many dwell in dormitories near campuses. Study areas are also present anywhere near these areas. Thus a reliable source of lighting is needed.

Corporate & Big Businesses

Many corporations contribute to society through green initiatives. If you’re planning on your next big green initiative project, think about using solar LED street lights. This cannot only help dramatically lower your carbon footprint but also cut down your investment costs and project a better company image. It also helps minimize capital expenditures in the long run.

Government Municipalities

Government agencies can potentially reduce their public utility expenses by investing in solar powered street light for lighting public areas. Solar street lights can also be integrated with CCTV cameras for added security for the people.

Parks & Recreational Areas

There are public areas where parents, children, and old people love to have recreational activities. Thus, solar powered street lights can help promote safety among park dwellers. Serbia is a perfect example of a place where solar street lights are sprawled along its parks and public areas. Not only is this an eco-friendly solution, but also a wise investment decision.

Sky-high electricity prices

  In 2021, wholesale electricity prices in the European Union (EU) soared, with most countries experiencing record levels in December, This is not a good thing for ordinary people.

The combination of a myriad of factors – including increased demand in the “post-pandemic” economic recovery, a rise in natural gas and coal prices, and a drop in renewable power generation due to low wind speeds – the spike in European electricity prices was one aspect of a global energy supply shortage which has seen energy prices grow around the globe.

 Surging gas and coal prices driving electricity costs

 As natural gas and coal are among the leading sources of electricity generation in the EU, accounting for roughly one-third of the output in 2020, electricity rates are highly dependent on the price of these commodities. Natural gas prices in Europe increased continuously throughout 2021. As reserves reached worryingly low levels in the region and Russia, the main source of natural gas in Europe, kept exports low in order to replenish its own depleted stocks. It is clear that electricity prices will rise further as a result of energy shortages

Different rises for different countries

  While the energy supply shortage hit Europe as a whole, the impact on each country’s electricity price varied. In May 2022, Italy recorded the highest figure in the region, at 230.05 euros per megawatt hour. The country is, the European Union’s leading electricity net importer. Greece experienced similarly high electricity prices of 225.07 euros per megawatt hour that month. Meanwhile, Germans already pay one of the most expensive electricity prices in Europe at more than 30 cents a kilowatt-hour.

For comparison: The price of electricity in the US is 14.26 cents/kWh, AND the current international average is 12 cents/kWh. But as if that wasn’t enough, according to The Power Report, prices at 830 power providers increased by an average of 58% in early 2022! What are the Sky-high electricity prices?

Someone who pays 120 euros a month today will pay €7,200 over the next five years. In 2022, Germans will pay more than ever as electricity prices climb to record highs.

Youhomenergy was keen to do something about it. Therefore our plan was always clear: everybody buy a cheap all in one solar street light so that the owners could produce their own electricity. In doing so, We get a good product, save money on electricity and reduce emissions. Therefore take a look at our commercial solar lights.

Our Solar Street Light contains everything and remains stable all the time. As a result, the total monthly bill many people pay is typically lower than what they used to pay for electricity. After 20 years, you will have saved at least €30,000. Insurance, repair, and maintenance are completely free and included. The Youhomenergy solar lamp kit is fully self-sufficient and independent.

solar street light manufacturer

Youhomenergy wholesale 40-100W solar street lights, we offer the best price. So that our dealers have a fat profit, our customers can enjoy the best products.

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Why Choose Youhomenergy

Production Workshop:

More than 3,000 square meters of large production workshop, first-class factory. At the same time the operation of five production lines, all kinds of solar batteries a stable daily output of 100+.

Production Management:

Excellent production management experience, has been adhering to the factory operation principle of timely delivery, in order to ensure the high quality of products while maintaining high production efficiency, absolutely ensure timely delivery, is a first-class partner.

Product Testing And Quality Control:

Each product has its own strict factory regulations, and after rigorous testing to ensure the quality of the product, it will be run for a certain amount of time (depending on the product) to make sure everything is up to standard. So please feel free to buy.

Integrating Sphere & Spectroscope Test:

Every batch of products will be sampled using Integrating Sphere and Spectroscope before leaving the factory. We believe that testing is solar batteries manufacturing most basic but crucial part. Strict requirements on product quality, and responsible for customers, in the end, is our corporate culture.

Youhomenergy Warehouse And Transportation:

The best energy storage battery manufacturers believe that safety is at the root of everything. Youhomenergy Warehouse strictly adheres to safety standards. The safety of the warehouse and our customers’ goods is our lifeline. We will deliver the products as soon as possible after they pass the test. We are looking forward to receiving satisfactory approval from customers. youhomenergy warehouse

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Excellent R&D team:

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Q1. Solar Panel Street Lamp Charging/Discharging temperature?

0 ~ 45 ° C / - 20 ~ 60 ° C

Q2.What Control Mode of solar street lamp?

Press the button switch, press on, reset off/ Light contol + (PIR) Remote control

Q3. Solar street lamp Performance Lighting Time?

12H, 4-6 rainy days

Q4. Lighting Mode of solar street lamp?

a: 2H100%+2H70%+8H30%

b: 2H(No motion 30% / Motion 100%)+2H(No motion 30% / motion 70%)+8H(No motion 10% / Motion 30%)

Induction lasts for 25 seconds

c:2H100%+2H70%+8H(No motion10%+Motion 30%) Induction lasts for 25 seconds

Q5.Can it be customized?

can be customized

Q6.how long is his life?

In ten years

Q7.What certificates do you have?


Q8.Mounting height?


Q9.How do solar panels generate electricity?

1.After absorbing sunlight, photovoltaic panels convert solar radiation into direct current electricity.

2. The photovoltaic inverter converts direct current into alternating current.

3. The generated power can either be stored directly in the battery or incorporated into the grid through the inverter.

4. The power grid dispatches and uses electric energy.

Q10.What do solar street lights consist of?

Solar panels, solar batteries, solar controllers, main light sources, battery boxes, main lamp holders, lamp poles and cables.

Q11 Is the solar power street lights water resistant?

Yes, IP65.

Q12 What battery is used?

 12.8V lithium iron phosphate battery.

Q13 What't the outdoor solar street light output color warm white or white?


Q14 Can the remote be used as a off / on switch?


Q15 Does it come with the pole?

No,only the light and bracket.

Q16 What's the biggest size?


Q17 What's the Solar Panel?

18.2V High-efficiency monocrystalline silicon.

Q18 How about the shipping method ?

We usually ship by DHL, UPS, FedEx or TNT. It usually takes 3-5 days to arrive. Airline and sea shipping also optional.

Q19 Do you offer guarantee for the products?

Yes, we offer 5 years warranty to our products.

Q20 Can I have a sample order for solar light?

Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check quality. Mixed samples are acceptable.

Q21 Are you a manufacturer ?

Yes, we have our own factory with over 10 years R&D and manufacture experience .

Q22 Why do our customers choose us?

Reply <3 hours. Delivery time> 99%. Quality control> 99% After-sales service> 99% 100% QC inspection before timely delivery.


Samples: Bank TT,Paypal, 100% payment in advance; Bulk order: Bank TT, 30% deposit and balance 70% settled before shipment.


We have our own factory with over 6 years R&D and manufacture experience.

3.Delivery time:

Samples: 3-7 working days; Bulk order: 30-40 working days.

4. Quality Control:

Youhomenergy ensure that their batteries meet all safety standards and regulations. This includes testing for resistance to extreme temperatures, fire resistance, and resistance to vibration and shock.

Youhomenergy implement a robust quality control system that covers all aspects of production, including raw material selection, manufacturing processes, testing and inspection, design and engineering, and certification and compliance. By doing so, we can ensure that their solar street lights are of high quality, reliable, and meet the required standards.

5. Shipping Method:

By Express: DHL, UPS, Fedex, a fast and safe way for shipping, normally 3-5 working days for delivery; By Air: In some area, the shipping cost by air is more favorable than by Express; 10-20 days for delivery; By Sea: the most economic shipping method, but cost longer shipping time; large quantity, heavy and not urgent goods can choose this way. Your shipping agent or forwarder. 6. After-Sale Service: Quick reply on customers' questions; If anything goes wrong with the products' quality, we will replace for you free. Make you a happy ordering.

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